Patented biomarker for cardiac injury. 

Cardiac Myosin-Binding Protein C Release Profile After Cardiac Surgery in Intensive Care Unit


Cardiac surgical procedures produce iatrogenic myocardial cell injury with necrosis that result in an obligatory release of biomarkers. Cardiac myosin binding protein C (cMyBP-C) has recently emerged as a specific and sensitive biomarker in patients with acute myocardial injury. We therefore aimed to investigate the release profiles of cMyBP-C after cardiac surgical procedures.


Circulating cMyBP-C is a promising novel biomarker for evaluating cardiac surgical trauma in patients undergoing a cardiac operation.


… cMyBP-C is the first cardiac-specific protein to be regarded as a promising diagnostic biomarker for acute myocardial injury since cTn. …
cMyC (Cardiac Myosin-binding protein C)
cMyC (Cardiac Myosin-binding protein C)