Patented biomarker for cardiac injury. 

From bench to improved diagnosis of AMI – cMyC

Young Investigator Prizes 2018


hs-cTnT/I and cMyC are exquisitely sensitive biological signals, facilitating the detection of myocardial necrosis in tissue volumes too small to be detected by non-invasive imaging.

cMyC is more abundant than cTnT/I and provides discriminatory power comparable to hs-cTnT/I for the diagnosis of AMI in all-comers, but identifies a greater proportion of patients with AMI in very early presenters.

A standout feature is cMyC’s ability to more effectively triage patients. This distinction is likely related to the documented greater abundance and more rapid release profile of cMyC. If used on a POCT platform, cMyC could significantly improve the early triage of patients with suspected AMI.
cMyC (Cardiac Myosin-binding protein C)
cMyC (Cardiac Myosin-binding protein C)